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The March-is for-ME Challenge

2 Weeks. 10 classes. Fill Up Your Cup.

The March-is-for-ME Challenge is an introductory offer for new students. This one is for the givers, the mommas, the carers, the nurturers, the ambitious, the A-types, the go-go-go-ers, the ones who don't always take time to stop.

...time for themSelves.

It is for those who need some TLC, some replenishment, a kickstart back in the right direction of: caring for themselves well as eeeeveryone/thing else! Implementing a new routine and flexing the muscle of carving in precious, non-negotiable Me-Time.

Because when our eyes lose their sparkle, when our cups are nearly empty... We can't truly care properly for anyone/thing else.

What Is It?

It includes access to all the weekly 10am classes for two weeks from the start date of the plan.

Energy Exchange? 

Cost: R599 for all 10 classes
Value: R 1500

The Classes?

The Soulwork's Akasha Yoga is a unique yoga practise that looks after body, mind and soul.

Each class is designed so that the whole body is strengthened, stretched, and toned. The vinyasa flow allows for a cardio workout, too, as well as targeting all muscles groups including the glutes (traditionally yoga does not access them), so that the whole body is balanced, strong and flexible.

The classes end with a 15 minute guided meditation for mind/soul transformation.

This is based in the practise of Yoga Nidra for lifting psychological scars. 

Jessica interweaves this with learnings from her BA in Psychology, and time spent with London's top psychologists, accessing the subconscious mind to clear it and replace old unhelpful messages with positivity and light.

She also includes techniques for consciousness expansion from the Monroe Institute, and her own techniques for opening the heart.

Throughout the practise we work with breath, movement, words and energy.

The practise, in total, is a deep heart-opening, leaving you feeling clear ....more You.

Akasha means ether, open-space...

Akasha is the space through which our words, ideas and beliefs move beyond the ethereal into manifested form.

We work at purifying this space and coming to it. Clearing it.

So we can choose what we plant & grow in our minds, bodies and lives.

Throughout the whole practise positivity and love is continuously being planted in that space.

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