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Women's Empowerment Coaching
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I believe in You.

Yes, You ...reading this.

I truly do.

Working with so many uniquely special clients in 1-1 sessions and on deep-work retreats, I have witnessed incredible transformations.


I have witnessed openings and aha's.


I have witnessed inner healings, and blocks moving.


I have witnessed soul businesses being born, old passions being reignited.

I have witnessed old skins being shed, and new glittery, full-of-life feet being stood on.


I have witnessed so many women taking back their lives.


...and there is one thing that always makes me smile:


every single one of you, bar NONE, has your own, unique, snowflake gifts and important Light to give.

& I see it. 

So clearly.

I truly do.

& THAT is why I LOVE what I do.


I love seeing you step into the biggest, wildest, freest, most YOU version of You. Shamelessly, Confidently, Full of Life.

La Loba.

The Wild Woman.

If you feel a call within you, that call for something more ...but you know no woman is an island, and you know you could do with some expert, loving, Feminine guidance...


We could be a good fit, wild sister.

Whether you want to work towards specific dreams, or you want to realign with your Highest Self, or you want to connect and be led by your Divine Feminine magic...


I will be your biggest cheerleader, helping you to remember and reclaim




and together we will journey into recalibration with your Highest Self, to fulfil your unique and Divine Potential.


Because that is what you're born for.


1X 60 min session: 120 dollars
Pack of 10: 950 dollars
Pack of 4: 400 dollars (redeemable over one month, once a week)
Pack of 2: 220 dollars (redeemable over one month, biweekly)

Book A Free Discovery Call To See If We're A Good Fit!

Well done, Wild Sister! Let the journey begin!

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