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Wild Nature
Women's Empowerment Life Coaching
Unleash Your Power.
Transform Your Life.

I loved Jessy's professional skills, her deep human understanding and healing power of a mother, coach and healer and could let go, process, heal and move stuck energies. - Susanne G

What is Coaching?

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You have the answers - I am here to help you unlock the treasure.


With a background in psychology, hypnotherapy, holistic healing therapies, and coaching, I work with you in a client-centred approach.

Women's Empowerment Coaching is for women who want to transform their lives.

Coaching is a journey of transformations.

It helps you to:

  • identify your blocks

  • understand your limiting beliefs

  • form new internal and external habits

  • learn psychologically sound tools and techniques

  • achieve personal growth

  • unlock revelations

  • reach your goals

  • take action steps to your dream life

  • fully inhabit your power

When we work together you are in a safe, confidential space to be vulnerable and accepted in every aspect of you.

Together we identify your own unique aspirations.

Your values, your goals, your life stories

We find new learnings, space for growthand take action.

I hold you lovingly accountable.

I am your biggest cheerleader & support system.

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Thanks to the wonderful work of Jessica, I managed in one week what months of therapy with a psychologist could not achieve. I got back my zest for life, healed old wounds and finally was able to let go of all emotions. I came back like a new person and my environment noticed it immediately.  Everyone said I was sparkling again. - Annalisa

To Find Out More, Let's Connect & Here's A Gift!

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Women's Empowerment Coaching is for women who want to transform their lives. Deepen their Connection with their unstoppable energy and enjoy all of the gifts that come with it.

In addition to Life Coaching, when it is beneficial, we look back to look forward.


Honouring the science of epigenetics, we dive into your feminine ancestral lineage.


Understanding the women who have come before, their traumas and superpowers helps us to reshape the women you are and can be today.


We work with past and present, life stories, limiting beliefs to paint new portraits so you can step into the most confident, powerful, vibrant you and action your dream life.

The skills you will gain will help you to deal with whatever life throws your way!

If it is something that calls to you, we deepen your ties with your Divine Feminine, and allow it to open up more vibrancy, authenticity, self-knowledge, harmony and power.

This is your journey to the most confident and powerful woman you can possibly be - living your fullest life!

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About Women's Empowerment Coaching

I finally felt free again. Jess manages, through specific exercises and with a lot of intuition, to put you on your right path, if you're open to it. - Katy

Jessica has her own approach, which makes you feel SAFE, confident in being vulnerable and leads you back to yourself. - Mandy

Jessica from The Soulwork has the most magical and soulfilling energy about her that will change your life. - Courtney

I finally found something that can ease my mind and clear my head again. It's amazing what Jess can do for you! Do it with an open mind and just go with the flow and you will be surprised how much it can do for you. I've learned in those couple of days more about myself than in the years before that. - Ryan

To sum up, she will be like an angel for everyone coming to her. It goes deep even if you don't notice it. - Neda


1X 60 minute session: $120
Pack of 4: $420 (once a week)
Pack of 2: $200 (twice a month)
1X 120 minute session: $150
Pack of 4: $500
Pack of 2: $330

A Message To You:

I believe in You.

Yes, You ...reading this.
I truly do.
Working with so many uniquely special clients in 1-1 sessions and on deep-work retreats, I have witnessed incredible transformations.


I have witnessed openings and aha's.


I have witnessed inner healings, and blocks moving.


I have witnessed soul businesses being born, old passions being reignited.

I have witnessed old skins being shed, and new glittery, full-of-life feet being stood on.


I have witnessed so many women taking back their lives.


...and there is one thing that always makes me smile:


every single one of you, bar NONE, has your own, unique gifts and important Light to give.

& I see it. 

So clearly.

I truly do.

& THAT is why I LOVE what I do.


I love seeing you step into the biggest, wildest, freest, most YOU version of You.


Shamelessly, Confidently, Full of Life.

La Loba.

The Wild Woman.

If you feel a call within you, that call for something more ...but you know no woman is an island, and you know you could do with some expert, loving, Feminine guidance...


We could be a good fit, wild sister.

Whether you want to work towards specific dreams, or you want to realign with your Highest Self, or you want to connect and be led by your Divine Feminine magic...


I will be your biggest cheerleader, helping you to remember and reclaim




and together we will journey into recalibration with your Highest Self, to fulfil your unique and Divine Potential.


Because you deserve to live the fullest life you possibly can.

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