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About The Soulwork

About The Space

The studio is situated with vast views of the Atlantic Ocean. It is in a quiet corner of the Atlantic Seaboard where the mountains and waves meet below.

A truly magical space to connect with yourself, to practise the gift of yoga, rejuvenate, replenish, and fill up your own cup, so you can continue filling up the cups of those around you, in joy, balance and harmony.

This is your home away from home.

Our Values

Here we value creativity, community, and caring... For ourselves, for each other, and for the collective.

But we realise that love & care begins at our first home... Within our Selves. Our body/mind/souls. And that by doing the soulwork, daily, caring for our own needs, looking after our minds, our bodies and ...our souls, we are doing a greater work, a greater service for all of those around us.

Because when we feel full, vibrant, joyful, and alive, when we have enough; we can light up the worlds around us.

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Your Teachers

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Jessica O'Mahoney

Jessica began learning yoga when she was 12, finding a green sheet with stick figures and practising them by herself before and after school, instinctively using kapala bhati too.

Jessica came back to yoga in her early twenties, working in theatre and beginning to feel physiological symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

She was amazed at the rapid change in herself and how amazing she felt.

So she got on a flight to Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of yoga. There she trained under esteemed gurus, and learnt all about the 8 limbs of Raja yoga.

It became evident that this was a very practical scientific and psychological means to bring balance, contentment and joy.

She studied deeply: pranayama, asana, yogic philosophy, anatomy and meditation.

Jessica taught in India, aboard yachts, at villas in France, and, at London's most esteemed yoga studios and health clubs frequented by celebrities and Victoria Secret models alike.

In 2020, she trained at Pathways Durban, a fifth generation lineage from the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi, and renowned spiritual leader.

Here the emphasis was on yoga nidra for lifting psychic scars, energetic fields, chakras, the subconscious mind, treating specific disorders such as anxiety and depression.

With a background in Psychology, and having worked as a professional actress and chef, and lived in over 8 countries from the age of 5, travelling to countless others, Jessica has walked many lives.

Jessica has always been consciously close to Source and The Great Mysteries from as early as she can remember having psychic premonitions and knowings - so it was only a matter of time until she would work full-time in energetics, the healing arts, and conceive of a practise that incorporates all of the most powerful aspects of yoga and Self-transformation at The Soulwork.

Jessica says that everyone is a Healer, and uses her connection with Source, allowing it to channel through her, for others to enLIGHTen them Selves, open themselves to who they truly are - the Infinite Love, Power, Peace and Wisdom, crafted perfectly into each individuals' unique and important vibration. 

Students come to her from time to time after class telling her she has recited words or uncannily direct messages from loved ones, and classes can bring students to tears, if tears and release is needed.

"Love and Peace is at the core of each of us. It only needs to be opened up... For the layers to be lifted... We are, and always have been, Whole ...we just need to remember." - Jessica O'Mahoney

Jessica's Qualifications

200hr Yoga Alliance TTC Shiva Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh, India
Subjects: Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Anatomy, Physiology & The Digestive System, Yogic Philosophy & History, Meditation, Pranayama, The Yogic Health System
200 hr Yoga TTC Pathways Country Yoga, Durban

200 hr Kundalini TTC, Shangri La, Cape Town
Subjects: Yoga Nidra, Ishta Yoga, Classical Yoga Postures, The Chakra System

30 hr Prenatal Yoga TTC, Anjali Yoga Academy, Yoga Alliance

20 hr Meditation TTC, Anjali Yoga Academy, Yoga Alliance

20hr Breathwork TTC, Anjali Yoga Academy, Yoga Alliance

30hr Yin Yoga TTC  Anjali Yoga Academy, Yoga Alliance

Woman's Health Coach, Anjali Yoga Academy

Certificate of Natural Medicine, The Hymanson Institute of Natural and Complementary Medicine

Rhodes University, BA Majors Psychology , Dramatic Arts, (graduating cum laude & Dean's List) Minors: Music, Health & the Brain, Journalism, English Literature, Law

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Luke Osborne

Luke is a resident Kundalini Teacher at Soulwork Yoga who will guide students through a powerful journey of Kriyas (sequence of movements), Pranayama (breathwork), sound healing and meditation that focus on the eight Chakras.

His calm and collected nature creates a safe space for healing, connecting and surrendering to the present moment.

Luke has consistently practiced Yoga and Meditation over the past 10 years.

His passion for self-discovery, personal development and spiritual awakening inspired him deepen his practice as well as help others develop an authentic connection to their higher selves.

“Yoga is a philosophy for life and framework for the path of spiritual growth. It is also one of the most effective tools we have to strengthen our immune, respiratory and nervous systems in order to stay healthy and cope with life’s challenges. It found me in a time of immense doubt over the meaning of life and provided a lot of guidance, clarity and support. 

I have immense gratitude for finding this practice as it opened me up to a whole new world of self-exploration, taught me to trust my intuition and has carried me through many challenging times in my life. 

Yoga is a catalyst for the evolution of our Human consciousness and I believe it will become more widely adopted in the years to come. I hope to make my own small contribution to this movement”. - Luke Osborne

Apart from teaching, Luke is a qualified Chartered Accountant and entrepreneur who has been involved in a number of successful tech companies and projects. His mission is to scale the adoption of spiritual practices such as Kundalini and breathwork.

Luke's Qualifications

BComm Acc, Rhodes University

200hr Kundalini TTC, Shangri La, Cape Town

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