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Life-Transforming Guided Sadhana Video

Life-Transforming Guided Sadhana Video

Life-Transforming Morning/Evening Sadhana with Guided Meditation

Because of too many of you to count begging me to put my meditations and sessions on line, I am beginning with the bread and (vegan) butter practise that changed my life.


You will have forever access to a private link you can access anywhere in the world onYouTube.


This practise was just that: life-changing for me. Done over 21 days, twice a day - you may be able to lift (like I did) a lifetime's worth of psychic scars, rewire your nervous system completely and be aligned to Source/your God/Mother Nature/your Higher Self/Inner Wisdom/Peace and the true effervescent Joy at the core of us.


The practice incorporates:

10 minutes of mantra

10 minutes of traditional surya namaskar/sun salutation

10 minutes of pranayama

30 minutes powerful yoga nidra


Pranayama is scientifically proven to reset the nervous system. Most of us are working from the sympathetic nervous system/fight and flight mode, stress, overstimulation; and it is now proven that to go deeply into homeostasis one needs to switch on the parasympathetic nervous system properly. It is in this state where rejuvenation occurs and we access our Higher Selves.


Physiologically this is where the body releases nutrients properly, stops hoarding fat cells because it knows it is safe and can let itself go through all of its complex mechanics of wellbeing and not just be in power-saving mode, it can then access the higher level thought processes of the frontal lobe of the brain.


Yoga Nidra has that effect too, and in addition, takes you into deep relaxation where the deep work is done. We access the alpha-theta states where you go into your subconscious mind to release psychological scars, and come back to the true You.

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