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New Year, New Routine
21 Day Life Changing Challenge

The Challenge?

42 yoga classes. 21 days. 2 classes per day. Come to as many as you can.

Designed to completely revitalise, strengthen, tone and REcondition your body, mind and soul.

The Energy Exchange?

All included at R999 as New Year, studio opening special for the months of January and February.

Why 21 Days?

It takes 21 days to build a habit.

Over the 21 days, you are completely detoxing your life - body, mind and soul.

You are so importantly making space for a routine you can then implement after the 21 days less rigorously, and much more effortlessly, coming to as many in studio classes as you need, a week.

The Prize?

A hamper from Jess of an organic veg package from the garden, homemade oils, and a crystal necklace for the chakras designed specifically for you by her.

This goes to the student who attends all 42 classes from their start point.

What Is Included?

Access to 42 in studio yoga classes over 21 days +
Access to 3 Woman's Circles.

The next admissions are on 4th February 2022.

Classes run daily in Llandudno at 6:30am and 6pm; Women's Circle is every second Friday.

The Value?

42 yoga classes X 150 = R6300
3 Woman's Circles = R600

= R6900

So if you only came to 3 circles and 2 and a bit classes would redeem the full monetary value.

HOWEVER - if you sign up, I will be your coach and give you however much motivation you want/need because attending most classes will have a value that money cannot buy, & I want you to experience this for yourself.


Studio opens officially Sun 9th Jan 6:30am.

The next challenge begins 4th Feb, currently have space for 1 student.

The Body?

Classes include a vinyasa flow which integrates cardio, strengthening and toning, working through all the muscle groups in your body... Lengthening, stretching, building and toning. We also include slower classes with traditional yoga, pranayama, mantra, and yin on the weekends. After the 21 days, feel and see the change.

The Mind?

Every class ends with a guided yoga nidra meditation, the benefits of this being exponential and put frankly, life changing 

...scientifically proven to be beneficial in reducing symptoms of stress, PTSD, insomnia, rheumatoid arthritis and type 2 diabetes, to name just a few.

Yoga Nidra is proven to increase dopamine levels by up to 65%.

When you start Yoga Nidra, your brain is generally in an active state of beta waves, a natural transitional experience as you start to slow down and press pause on your day.

The meditative practice then takes you into an alpha state, the brain wave frequency that links conscious thought with the subconscious mind.

In alpha state Serotonin is released, which helps you to reach a transformational experience of inner calm.

From this place fluctuations in the mind start to decrease and you begin to feel more at ease.

The body moves into stillness and a deep feeling of tranquillity and relaxation occurs. Following deeper into the practice the brain will then begin to emit delta waves, mimicking what happens when we enter a deep restful sleep.

Done over and over for 21 days, you  literally reprogramme your brain, and induce happy chemical secretion as the new norm.

The Soul?

The difference between deep sleep and Yoga Nidra is that you stay awake during this final phase.

With such blissful relaxation and awareness, you are able to access your subconscious thoughts and process past memories in the present moment.

Repressed and unprocessed emotions like grief, shame, anxiety, trauma ...can loosen their hold, tension and grip, whilst we can learn to find a little more freedom and detachment from unhelpful habits and thought patterns.

We will have worked with the chakras in outer and inner body, daily, for 21 days, lifting, healing and opening... Bringing us back to our Selves.

The peace, strength, energy and joy that is at the very core of all of us.

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